A little ditty… about Annie Murphy

Who am I, anyway? Am I my resume that is a picture of a person I don’t know??? … if you get this reference, we are obviously already best friends. But, for everyone else…


  • I am a writer and a lover of literature.  (I suppose those two titles are rather interchangeable.)
  • I love a good movie quote-a-thon.  Especially 80s Hughes-esque flicks.  “Blaine? That’s not a name!”
  • I am a major theater dork, but balance this with my love of Chicago sports teams and scary films, thus saving my reputation.
  • I own every Pee Wee’s Playhouse episode, as well as those phenomenal movies he put out.  (So, I love me some Paul Reubens…why does that have to be weird?!)
  • I collect sea shells from the bottom of the ocean.  I should have been born with gills.
  • I listen to film scores while I write and french jazz while I cook.
  • I love the water, especially the ocean, and am a SCUBA nerd, to boot.
  • I have glasses that make me look like Drew Carey, or so I’ve been told.
  • I get into giggle fits and can’t stop when I’m uncomfortable or really tired.
  • I’m a thrill seeker, not afraid of much.  Just clowns, falling off of tall objects, and goats. Yes, goats. Totally rational.
  • My ultimate dream in life is to travel the world, see everything, and do everything.  Not too much to ask, is it?

I’ve spent the last decade or so a little on the lost side, almost on the back half of my thirties, and never have I been so sure of who I am. I may not be sure of anything else, but I’m finally getting to know the real me, and not the me I think everyone else wants me to be.

I’m taking my “me” back.

So, here I am, exploring my thoughts. And I thought, if you wanted to share your thoughts, we could think together and write. And stuff… So… yea…

Love, Annie